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Using VLC to stream videos on to 360

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the problem is that the 360 will only accept connections from a windows media center pc.

Thats not a problem since i have Windows XP medicenter edition installed on my pc... the question is if i can use any other program then Windows Media Encoder 9 to stream files from my media center pc to the xbox 360... like VLC.... ?

get transcoder, its made by runtime, a xbmc dev, so yer sure its good :)

yes you can see this guide  made for me

To transmit video to the xbox 360 with the program vlc must
make the following thing, (you must have media center on
your PC):
open vlc
step 1: options preferences
step 2: to select stream output- sout stream->
step 3: in the section of audio this audio codec
destiny write wma and save
step 4: to create a file with the extension asx for
example videovlc.asx and to open it with a text editor
and to write following mms://direccion IP pc  :  puerto
for example mms:// and to place it in
folder of videos so that it can see it xbox 360 step
5: in order to begin to transmit the video we go to
vlc we selected file : -> to open file select the file
with the button browse soon we activated stream output
and settings in the new window that appears we marked
mmsh and in direction we put the IP of our PC, they can leave the port by default or to
put another one but if they also change this they must
change it in file asx next we select the type of
encapsulation that can be MPEG ts or MPEG ps or MPEG
1, select video codec WMV1 Or WMV2 and the rate of
bits with which we wished to transmit

THIS OPTION (if they wish to put subtitles select the
option overlay subtitles) we give it to accept (if
they are going to put subtitles they activate the
options of subtitles and in settings select the file
that contain them) and next occurs it in ok and is
going to begin to transmit. In the 360 enter to the
media center and select my videos and next the file
videovlc.asx and we give ok and in a while we will
begin to receive the video


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